EFBS notice of 3 November 2014

The ECB Regulation No 1163/2014 on supervisory fees was published in the EU Official Journal on 31 October 2014. The following day it entered into force. It will be binding in its entirety and be directly applied in the member states of the Euro zone and the member states participating in the Single Supervisory Mechanism.

Annex: ECB Regulation No 1163/2014 on supervisory fees

3 November 2014

Political agreement in the Council on the directive amending directive 2011/16/EU as regards mandatory automatic exchange of information in the field of taxation

Annex: Political agreement in the Council

16 October 2014

Draft delegated Regulations on the leverage ratio and on the liquidity coverage ratio


9 October 2014

Two EBA-consultations on simplified obligations for certain institutions pursuant to article 4 of the Directive establishing a framework for the recovery and resolution of credit institutions and investment firm


  • Draft Guidelines on the application of simplified obligations under Article 4 of the Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive (BRRD)
  • Draft Implementing Technical Standards on the uniform formats, templates and definitions for the identification and transmission of information by competent authorities and resolution authorities to the EBA for the purposes of Article 4(7) of the Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive

Notice of the EFBS of 30 September 2014

ECB Guide to Banking Supervision. In this guide the ECB explains the functioning of the EU supervisory mechanism which needs to be applied from 4 November 2014 onwards with regard to the allocation of competences between the national and the EU supervisory authority as well as the internal organisation and the decision making process. Furthermore, the ECB describes the planned supervisory practise concerning the significant and less significant institutions as well as the principles which will be the foundation of its work.

Annex: Guideline

Notice of the EFBS of 5 September 2014

Final list of the 120 significant credit instutions which will be supervised starting from 4 November 2014 by the ECB (page 4) as well as the list of less significant credit institutions which will remain under supervision by national authorities (page 34)

Annex: Final List

26 June 2014

General approach of the Council on the proposal for a fourth directive on anti-money-laundering

Annex: Vorschlag für eine vierte Anti-Geldwäsche-Richtlinie

10 June 2014

Consultation of the ECB on a draft regulation on supervisory fees

Annex: Draft regulation on supervisory fees

27 March 2014

Vote of the European Parliament in Plenary on amendments to the European Commission’s proposal for a general data protection Regulation


EFBS information of 10 January 2014

Publication of the final version of the Draft Implementing Technical Standards of the European Banking Authority of 26 July 2013 with regard to supervisory reporting of institutions according to regulation (EU) No 575/2013

Annex: Regulation