30.09.2009 - 02.10.2009

EFBS Annual Meeting 2009 in Salzburg

The traditional European Federation of Building Societies’ Annual Meeting took place from 30 September 2009 to 2 October 2009 in Salzburg (Austria).
With friendly support from the Austrian Bausparkassen, which as hosts made a substantial contribution to the success of the event, the delegates had the opportunity to exchange reports on experience and to discuss topical subjects. The Legal Affairs Committee focused on the evaluation of the many initiatives of the European Commission, with its ever stronger regulatory efforts. At the Housing Policy and Marketing Committee meeting, a representative of the financial market supervisory authority gave a comprehensive survey of the effects of the financial crisis and the stability of the Austrian saving-for-home-ownership system. The discussion on the financial recovery activities of the building societies in the various Member States proved to be very informative. A press conference was held during the evening of 1 October 2009, when it became clear from the large number of media representatives present that there is considerable interest in the current information both on the business situation of the building societies and concerning European efforts.

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