EFBS Annual Meeting 2007 in Prague

On 24 October 2007, the Annual Meeting of the European Federation of Building Societies, traditionally held in autumn, took place in the Intercontinental Hotel in Prague.  A highlight of this meeting was the election of the new Presidency, which was unanimously appointed by the EFBS members as follows:

President: Mr Herbert Pfeiffer (Slovak Republic)
1st Vice-President: Mr Vojtěch Lukáš (Czech Republic)
2nd Vice-President: Dr Hartwig Hamm (Germany)

Special thanks were expressed to the Presidency of the past three years: Dr Thomas Wieser (President) Mr Herbert Pfeiffer (1st Vice-President) and Mr Vojtěch Lukáš (2nd Vice-President).

The Legal Affairs Committee meeting focused in particular on mortgage credit and retail financial services.  On this subject, two representatives of the Czech Finance Ministry reported on current developments in the Czech Republic. The subject of consumer credit was also discussed, including possibilities to be able to actively promote the interests of the EFBS to the political decision-makers.

 In both the Housing Policy and Marketing Committee and the Legal Affairs Committee, the current crisis on the US sub-prime mortgage market received particular attention.  All the participants were made aware of the significance of saving-for-home-ownership in the host country of this event, especially in the speech on the development of the Czech Bausparkassen market.

 Special thanks were also expressed to the hosts, the Association of Czech Bausparkassen, the Českomorasvka’ Stavební Spořitelna A.S and the Stavební Spořitelna České Spořitelny a.s., which provided effective support in the organisation of the annual meeting and the XVth European Congress of the EFBS.

 A press conference scheduled on 24 October 2007, which took place in the context of this event, underlined the enormous importance of saving-for-home-ownership in the Czech Republic and referred to relevant European topics in relation to the financing of housing construction.  The active reporting on television and in the press was an impressive reflection of the importance of saving-for-home-ownership in the Czech Republic.


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